EPIGENETIKS (EPI) is established in 2014. Since its establishment EPI is working in Bioinformatics sector producing software solutions for health institutions and diagnostics Centers. EPI has 6 full time employees and 8 part-time employees. EPI addresses the needs of all healthcare institutions and diagnostic firms in the industry with its complete data analysis softwares. They have a tool called PANOGA which can analyse ‘omics’ data in a pathway related context to identify marker pathways.They also have great expertise in cloud computing since they keep the Big Data coming from ‘omics’ studies in cloud environment and carry out the analysis with the softwares developed in house in cloud environment. They have great expertise and established protocols in motif mining for temperature stability, Homology Modelling, Molecular Dynamics, Molecular mechanics and Docking. They employed these methods to predict enhance temperature stability of cellulases and lipases. They have diverse experience in database establishment and management.They have worked on handling the privacy and security issues of the data. They also have a wet lab to carry out recombinant protein production an characterization studies.