COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) was established in 1998, by the pioneering efforts of the founding rector, Dr. S. M. Junaid Zaidi (S.I; H.I), and was awarded Charter by the Government of Pakistan in 2000 with the joint government and inter-governmental COMSATS efforts. CIIT has currently six functional campuses offering undergraduate, post-graduate, and doctoral studies programmes in various academic disciplines under the umbrella of Faculty of Information Sciences & Technology, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Sciences. CIIT has been consistently securing first position in Computer Sciences & IT category as notified by HEC based on QS format. Besides that CIIT has also been consistently placed among top 10 HEIs of Pakistan out of 132 Universities in recent years. The Department of Biosciences was established in 2003 with the pioneering efforts of Dr. Shazad Mufti (Late) and Dr. Habib Bokhari (First faculty) with one undergraduate programme in Bioinformatics and later another undergraduate programme in Biosciences as well as graduate programs in various disciplines such as biosciences, biochemistry, molecular biology, molecular virology, microbiology and bioinformatics were included. Being a comparatively new university, the biosciences department is striving to add advanced facilities to the existing ones. Department of Biosciences (Islamabad Campus) of CIIT is composed of 4 Professors, 1 Associate Professors and 75 Assistant Professors and 10 Lecturers. Over 50 PhD students, 150 MS students and 450 BS students are currently enrolled in various programmes at Biosciences, Islamabad We now have the framework and well equipped Microbiology & Public Health Division (offering currently a graduate programme in Microbiology & Immunology) at COMSATS within Pakistan to carry out an extended study on Microbial genomics, characterization and associated proteins and enzymes leading to better understand system biology and process development. We hold genomic sequences of microbes such as Vibrios (Completed Pakistan’s first 100 genome sequence project in collaboration with Sanger Center, UK) and Campylobacter jejuni (In collaboration with Univ. Exeter, UK) and possess all the facilities to isolate and characterize such microbes living in extreme environments and annotate and analyse genome sequences and possess expertise to develop new bioinformatics tools to facilitate this process. TEAM MEMBERS: Prof. Habib Bokhari (Chairman, Department of Biosciences & Lead) Experimentalists: Dr. Muhammad Tatheer (Abbotabad Campus), Dr. Ghazal Pasha, Dr. Maira Janjua, Dr. Neelam Dr. Asif Gondal, Dr. Shumaila Iram, Dr. Ramla Shahid, Dr. Sundus Javed, Dr. Sanaullah, Dr. Muhammad Imran. Bioinformatics Team Members: Dr. Qaiser Fatmi, Dr. Muhammad Muddasir, Dr. Arshan Nasir, Dr. Nadeem Malik, Miss Nighat, Dr. Ibrahim (Sahiwal Campus).