Workshop: November 15 2016, Cambridge (UK): Dialogue on methods for ecology

  • This dialogue aims to identify some crucial challenges in the area of micro- to macro ecology for the next 20 years as seen by biologists today, which may be tractable to a mathematical modelling approach. Starting with some review-type talks by the lead speakers, we wish to have a lively dialogue between biologists and modellers, and agree on a list of important problems; some may be addressed in the short term, and some will require longer term, large scale, funding. A particular focus will be on methods to study multi-scale selection and adaptation processes to climate changes and extreme environments by means of multi-omic experimental and bioinformatics approaches. All participants will be expected to contribute to the discussion, and are welcome to bring a one-page brief (mini-poster) to introduce their own expertise..
  • Thursday, November 15, 2016, 09:00,
  • University of Cambridge & BAS